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A 0.34-571nW All-Dynamic Versatile Sensor Interface for Temperature, Capacitance, and Resistance Sensing

This paper presents an ultra-low power versatile temperature/capacitive/resistive sensor interface. The proposed highly versatile sensor interface can support a wide variety of different sensors. Most importantly, the entire sensor interface platform consumes only dynamic power, making the power consumption scales inherently and efficiently with the measurement rate and resolution, which is crucial to enable the intelligent on-chip control (instincts) for Phoenix. When comparing this prototype with prior arts, it is the only work that provides 3 sensing modes combined with adaptive power versus measurement rate and resolution. Besides, state-of-the-art energy efficiency are achieved for all the sensing modes, with a minimum power down to only 0.34nW.

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Public deliverables as per 12-09-2019

A comprehensive overview of the Phoenix Project deliverables as per 12-09-2019 and organized by Work Package.

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A 0.1-nW–1- μ W Energy-Efficient All-Dynamic Versatile Capacitance-to-Digital Converter

This paper is an extended version of our previous conference paper entitled “A 0.1nW −1µW All-Dynamic Capacitance-to-Digital Converter with Power/Speed/Capacitance Scalability”. In this paper, detailed theoretical and circuit analysis of the proposed ultra-low power versatile capacitive-to-digital converter is provided. Besides, more measurement results have also been provided. To provide application examples, this chip is verified with a microelectromechanical (MEMS) pressure sensor and a MEMS accelerometer. It can measure environmental pressure consuming only 0.8 nW at a speed of 100 S/s, and measure acceleration using 1.4 nW at a speed of 200 S/s.

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A 174pW-488.3 nW 1S/s-100kS/s All-Dynamic Resistive Temperature Sensor with Speed/Resolution/Resistance Adaptability

In this paper, we’ve introduced an ultra-low power versatile temperature sensor. The circuit works in a smart way so that it only consumes energy during a measurement, and immediately goes to sleep mode automatically after the measurement is finished to save power. According to the measurement, its power consumption can go down to only 0.174 nW with a resolution of 0.61 °C. Besides, it is highly versatile to support applications that require different measurement rates and resolutions.

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A 0.1nW −1µW All-Dynamic Capacitance-to-Digital Converter with Power/Speed/Capacitance Scalability

In this paper, we developed a versatile capacitive sensor interface that supports all kinds of capacitive sensors to measure many different parameters, such as pressure, humidity, acceleration, sound, etc. Most importantly, it also goes to sleep mode automatically after a measurement is done to save power. The stand-by power is highly optimized so that its power consumption can go down to only 0.1 nW, which is >20 times smaller prior-arts, without sacrificing much of the energy efficiency.

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