Public deliverables as per 12-09-2019

A comprehensive overview of the Phoenix Project deliverables as per 12-09-2019 and organized by Work Package can be found here.

WP3 Human interface to the co-evolutionary system
D3.1 Knowledge elicitation techniques analysis
D3.2 Open template ontologies for knowledge representation
D3.3 Technology analysis

WP4 Co-evolution methods and algorithms
D4.1 Environment and agent abstraction layers
D4.3 Co-evolutionary schemes

WP5 Interactions between virtual and real world
D5.1 Definition of the agents’ instincts and related algorithms

WP6 Sensing, data merging and data exchange in versatile agents
D6.1 Merged sensing/communication/localization/actuation concepts
D6.2 Agent versatility analysis and agent architecture
D6.3 Mixed-signal sensor fusionprocessing chain
D6.4 Models of sensing comm localization actuation trade-offs
D6.5 Implementation and verification of critical hardware

WP7 Instincts in versatile, resource-aware agents
D7.1 Instinct design and implementation description
D7.2 Full agent top-level architecture and executable model
D7.3 Development of novel sensing, fusion and wake-up principles
D7.4 Full system concept validation and implementation