Giovanni Iacca

Giovanni Iacca
PhD, Associate Professor Habilitation

Giovanni Iacca

University of Trento
Educational background and field(s) of interest

I received a MSc cum laude in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Bari, IT (2006) and a PhD in Mathematical Information Technology from the University of Jyväskylä, FI (2010). I worked as postdoctoral researcher at INCAS³, NL (2012-2016); EPFL and University of Lausanne, CH (2013-2016); and RWTH Aachen University, DE (2017-2018). Currently, I am tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of Trento, IT. My research focuses on computational intelligence, stochastic optimization, embedded systems, and distributed computing. To date, I am co-author of 70 peer-reviewed publications in these fields (h-index 19).

How did you get involved in The Phoenix Project?

I was part of the initial team of researchers involved in the Phoenix project proposal. During the preparation phase, I proposed various ideas centred around the co-evolution concept which then became a key element of Phoenix. When the project started, I contributed as Work Package Leader coordinating the research activities focused on the co-evolutionary system aimed at evolving the sensor agents' properties (morphology and instincts) and the environment models.

What is your motivation to contribute to The Phoenix Project?

I find the Phoenix project extremely interesting from a scientific and an engineering viewpoint. To me, the Phoenix system represents especially a fantastic opportunity to show the potential of evolutionary computation on a hard-to-solve, unprecedented problem.

What do you intend to achieve as a member of the project?

Due to its peculiar characteristics (limited hardware, limited information about the environment), the main challenge that I've tackled with the other collaborators in the project was to devise novel evolutionary concepts and original ideas to solve the Phoenix tasks efficiently and robustly.

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