Gerd Ascheid

Gerd Ascheid
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Gerd Ascheid

RWTH Aachen
Educational background and field(s) of interest

I received my Diploma and PhD in Electrical Engineering (Communication Eng.) from RWTH Aachen University. In 1988 I initiated as a co-founder and managing director a start-up which was acquired by Synopsys Inc., a California-based EDA market leader. After working 9 years for Synopsys, I joined in 2003 RWTH Aachen University as a Distinguished Professor in the Institute for Communication Technologies and embedded Systems (ICE). My research interest is in wireless communication and sensor signal processing algorithms, in particular, using machine learning algorithms and methods, and in application specific integrated platforms.

How did you get involved in The Phoenix Project?

In early 2014, colleagues from TU/e, KU Leuven, INCAS3 and RWTH Aachen (including me) got together to define the original Phoenix project proposal.

What is your motivation to contribute to The Phoenix Project?

The project is looking at very advanced solutions for a very challenging real world problem. It combines more fundamental research questions with practical implementation issues. This makes it a very challenging yet rewarding project.

What do you intend to achieve as a member of the project?

I want to find out how motes with very limited energy can be optimized to explore inaccessible environment. One key point is localization of the mots and mapping of the environment based on noisy mutual distance measurements and some supportive sensing. This, by itself, is already a NP-hard problem. A further key point is the evolution of hardware, software, morphology and instincts, such that the motes can collect as much relevant environmental information as possible. A positive “side effect” is a better understanding of the capabilities, limits and usage guidelines of evolutionary algorithms.

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