Erik Duisterwinkel

Erik Duisterwinkel

Erik Duisterwinkel

Antea Group
Educational background and field(s) of interest

Erik graduated his MSc. in Applied Physics cum laude at the University ofGroningen, he then proposed his own PhD research and received funding tostudy a novel swarm-based sensor inspection system for enclosedenvironments. The research later became part of a larger research projectfunded by FET-open from EU’s Horizon 2020: Phoenix.Currently he works as advisor on applying sensor technology and dataanalysis at consulting and engineering firm Antea Group.Erik has a broad interest and easily picks up on new topics and skills.

How did you get involved in The Phoenix Project?

Our work at INCAS3 and my PhD research were at the root of the proposal and inception of the Phoenix project.

What is your motivation to contribute to The Phoenix Project?

I am intrinsically motivated to find novel solutions to challenging problems. The problem that the Phoenix Project is addressing is *very* challenging. It is a great exercise for the mind to help find solutions to this puzzle.

What do you intend to achieve as a member of the project?

To finish my PhD-research. My defence is planned for November 11th 2019.

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