Dirkjan Krijnders

Dirkjan Krijnders

Dirkjan Krijnders

Antea Group
Educational background and field(s) of interest

Dr. Ir. Dirkjan Krijndersholds a MA (2003) in applied physicsand a Ph.D. in the Natural Sciences (2009) from Groningen University. Hisspecialization is sound event recognition and classification in openenvironments. During his Ph.D. period, his focus was on the early detectionof verbal aggression in public space using techniques from computationalauditory scene analysis and newly developed signal processing techniquesfor low signal to noise ratio signals.

How did you get involved in The Phoenix Project?

I am involved since the inception of the idea, brainstorming how we would explore inaccessible environments like oil reservoirs and underground waterflows. From the ideas brainstormed there the FET proposal was born. Initially working on signal processing of the sensor data and after the move to Antea Group focussing the commercialization potential.

What is your motivation to contribute to The Phoenix Project?

To get sensors in places where no sensor has gone before and explore these places for the benefit of their owner. As pipelines and other infrastructure ages their state becomes less and less known. Gaining insight in their state using Phoenix technology will optimize maintenance and replacement, thus contributing to a sustainable and more cost-efficient running of the infrastructure

What do you intend to achieve as a member of the project?

I hope to see the technology that has immediate potential to reach the market. As such we got the Smarble project granted to write the business case for the ultrasound and modelling techniques developed with Phoenix.

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